Hot Smoked Pork Belly

A cured, beech-smoked, steam-cooked pork belly

Inspired by the Northern and Eastern European traditions, this product is cured, beech-smoked and steam cooked.


British Free Range Pork



Similar to:

Streamed Belly Bacon (British) Schluchtenspeck (Austrian)

Drinks Pairing:

Beer, Wine, Aperitifs, Ciders

Pack Sizes:

1Kg: non-wholesale piece, 1Kg: wholesale piece, 250g: wholesale sliced pack, 90g: non-wholesale retail sliced pack, 90g: wholesale retail sliced pack

Shelf Life:

Sliced Packs: Use By 30 Days, Whole Pieces: Use By 7 Weeks

Pork (95%), Salt, Dextrose, Antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, Preservative: sodium nitrite.

  • Preparation Info: Ready to Eat
  • Cooking: Slices can be fried, baked or grilled
  • Can Be Served Hot
  • Can Be Served Cold

Serving Suggestions

Can be used, diced in recipes; sliced on platters, crisped and added to club sandwiches, in slow braises and stews, delicious with beans, pulses or seasonal veg, sliced thickly, fried and served with a creamy cider sauce

Calories 282 (1171)
Fat 22
Saturated Fat 7.9
Carbohydrate (of which sugars) 0.1
Protein 21
Salt 3.5
Allergens None