Environmental Impact Policy

At Trealy Farm Charcuterie we are constantly working towards improving our impact on the environment

We have always been environmentally conscious at Trealy Farm Charcuterie, only using free range and wild British meats which reduces our carbon footprint considerably. None of our meat is imported and all has been ethically raised.

Our Couriers

All our couriers implement carbon footprint reduction polices.

APC Overnight

APC Overnight has obtained the UKAS ISO 14001 certification through Interface IRM. This internationally recognised standard in environmental management, demonstrates their commitment to protect the environment.

Parcelforce World Wide

Parcelforce has also obtained the UKAS ISO 14001 and has a comprehensive set of activities to both reduce their environmental impact and invest in third party environmental initiatives, as well as investing in over 1000 eco-start delivery vans and committing to reducing the waste which the company sends to landfill.

Our Packaging

We are currently researching more eco-friendly packaging and over the next few months, hope to begin the transition. Even though, in recent years, eco-packaging has seen huge strides forward, we have struggled to source a product which maintains the extremely high quality of our products. That being said, we have recently discovered some exciting new technology which may solve the problem, and allow us to further our eco-credentials.

We are also investigating the implementation of natural wool packaging for the despatching of chilled products which need to arrive at optimal quality, and still within the required temperature parameters for chilled foods.

We will, of course, continue our well-established recycling policies, as well as investigating how we can take them that one ‘green’ step further.

So, 2022 looks set to be a good year for the environment at Trealy Farm Charcuterie and we’ll update all our customers once we have fully tested and evaluated the options.