Slicing our Products

Whole Piece Slicing Guide

When purchasing whole pieces from us, it’s important to understand the nuances in the products and the slicing requirements. We recommend using an electric slicer for consistency and portion control.

All our air-dried whole piece products should be sliced to 1mm. This ensures that the product can be enjoyed at its optimal quality. Pastrami, for example, by nature, can be tougher when sliced too thickly, hence the thinly shaved blocks so familiar at New York Delis. Salamis and Chorizo slicing is down to personal choice, as is Kassler Ham.

A Few Slicing Tips

It is important to sharpen your meat slicer regularly (every day or two if you use it on a daily basis).

· First, have the ham as cold as possible before slicing. Commercial slicing operations always part-freeze their ham before slicing, they call it ‘tempering’.

· Then cut the Ham into two *against* the grain otherwise it can make the meat seem tougher and grainier in its consistency.

· Then slice each half *from the outside in* on the slicer.

· After every five slices or so *rotate* the ham piece so that the uppermost side now faces down on the slicer.

When using this method, the slices will be as tender as possible and this is also the best way to minimise leftover waste


Our Bacon, however, should be sliced to approximately 1.5mm. We don’t use the same curing and production techniques as many commercial producers and air-drying our bacon produces a more dense product, with far more depth of flavour, which in turn requires finer slicing.

Our Pancetta and Lardo can be diced or sliced, again to approximately, 1mm if for charcuterie boards.

We recommend that Boudin Noir and White Pudding is sliced to 5mm.

For further information please see our FAQS page