Store Cupboard Inspiration

With a well stocked store cupboard, and a little charcuterie, recipes options are virtually limitless. Here are a few of our favourite ideas to whet the appetite and inspire your own creations.

Whilst Charcuterie features heavily on menus in the form of platters, sharing boards and as pizza toppings, there are many, many uses for these products. With Charcuterie’s roots being in the preservation of meat for use throughout the year, many products originated in areas where they were used to add much needed fat and flavour to more vegetable and grain-based dishes – a true garnish of flavour.

Our products allow chefs to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to menu construction, adding value and interest to many more classic dishes, whilst inspiring experimentation. With a little creative description, and reconstruction, even the humble ‘toastie’ can be elevated to a luscious, and more lucrative dish. Toasted sourdough, slavered with a thick tomato sauce, a few slices of our Chorizo or Salami, a little cheese, then popped under the grill and served with crisp seasonal salad takes a simple ‘sandwich’ to a much more substantial ‘dish’.

Added to soups and stews, our Semi-Dried Cooking Chorizo eats very well with butterbeans, smoked paprika and roasted peppers, or fried as a Tapa – finely diced, fried chorizo is also wonderful as a garnish for Patates Bravas, becoming a meal in itself, and of course many of our products are ideal to ‘pimp’ your burgers – even Pastrami is famously used in burger stacks in parts of the USA!

How about adding value to a Mezze board with a few slices of our Lamb, Pork and Lemon Merguez Salami?

Our cured Semi-Dried Fennel Sausage is excellent when crumbled and combined with a creamy sauce and pasta, or slow cooked with fennel, lentils and white wine. It is also the perfect addition to a traditional Cassoulet recipe, replacing the Toulouse Sausages.

Our N’Duja is one of our most versatile products and can be used on Pizzas, as a base for soups and sauces, a filling for ravioli, warmed and spread on toast before topping with mashed avocado and a soft poached egg, or pan fried, and used to enhance many vegetable side dishes. Try frying a little with onion, adding some fragrant dry white wine and throwing in some shell-on mussels – plenty of chopped parsley, some good bread and you have the perfect first course or lunch menu addition.

All our products work very well in salad dishes and will carry a changing salad special across the whole year – our game selections being perfect for the autumn and winter months, whilst our Italian and Spanish inspired products conjure up images of Mediterranean summers. Our Air Dried Smoked Duck Breast, thinly sliced, is amazing in a Périgordine Salad, with walnuts, diced fried Trealy Pancetta, sourdough croutons and a punchy walnut oil dressing.

Try pepping up meatballs, croquettes and tarts with a little diced chorizo or salami, adding our Pressed Guanciale to pasta sauces, or some finely chopped herb-infused Lardo to homemade bread.

For fine dining, use our Bresaola in Beef Wellington, our Monmouthshire Air-Dried Ham in Saltimbocca or our Boudin Noir as a stuffing for pork belly or chicken breast. Our Boudin Noir also pairs perfectly with scallops, especially alongside a seasonal puree of celeriac, peas or artichoke.

With Charcuterie, there are no rules, just plenty of flavour and an infinite number of options.

  • Our products are totally allergen and nitrate free
  • We use no artificial colours or flavourings
  • All our meat is British; Ethically Raised Pork, Wild Boar and Free Range Duck, Wild Venison, British beef & Welsh PGI Lamb.
  • Animal welfare is a high priority and we are uncompromising in the ethics of our meat sourcing
  • We offer bespoke product development and manufacture. Please contact for details
  • We specialise in using traditional breeds such as the Saddleback pig, Welsh black cattle and Welsh Mountain lamb.
  • We have full SALSA accreditation and have always operated with a 5* hygiene rating



Whether dried, tinned or fresh, beans make a wonderful base for an infinite number dishes; in combination with our charcuterie and a few seasonal vegetables you have an easy meal which looks after itself. Pop it into the slow cooker, in a casserole in a low over or simmer gently on the hob.


Pasta is one of the great store cupboard stalwarts and charcuterie is one of the most flavoursome additions to pasta sauces. Whether that's a creamy sauce with crumbled fennel cooking sausage or a classic Carbonara made with Wild Boar Pancetta or Rosemary-Cured Lardo. And thats just the beginning.


Whether for breakfast, a light lunch or a simple supper, eggs enhanced with a little charcuterie make a delicious and economical meal base. Try making a Tortilla with our Sweet Smoked Paprika Chorizo, a baked frittata with our Spicy Sobrasada (N'Duja) and mediterranean veg, Eggs Benedict with Monmouthshire Air-Dried Ham or Huevos Racheros with smashed avocado, salsa and pan-dried Cooking Chorizo.


Charcuterie and Cheese are natural companions, whether on boards or in recipes. Try creating a Potato Dauphinoise with cream, garlic, potatoes and some fried, diced pancetta or wrap our Monmouthshire Air-Dried Pork Loin around sticks of Manchego cheese before frying or baking. Stuff chicken breast with mozzarella and Sobrasada (N'Duja) before wrapping in Monmouthshire Air-Dried Pork Collar (Coppa) and roasting,


Risotto, fried, baked Spanish-style or in a Paella - rice is another store-cupboard favourite offering infinite options. Try our Duck, Pork, Pepper and Chinese Five Spice Salami or our Hot Smoked Pork Belly in a eastern-inspired stir-fry, our 'Arrotolata' Herb-Rolled Pancetta in a creamy risotto or any of our Chorizo in a paella, the Blood, Wine and Chocolate Chorizo works exceptionally well alongside rabbit for a Valenciennes twist.


Try making a 'Panzanella' Tuscan-style salad with torn sourdough, lots of tomatos, olive oil and fresh herbs adding chunks of diced, fried Bath Chap (Guanciale) or create a selection of mini burger 'sliders' tucked into soft rolls and garnished with crisp slices of Back Bacon, Monmouthshire Air-Dried Beef or Spicy Smoked Paprika Chorizo.


Whether roasted seasonal veg, classic British veg, crisp salads or something more exotic, adding a little charcuterie can lift a plant-based dish remarkably well. Try frying slices of courgette with garlic and diced lardo, braise fennel with crumbled Fennel cooking chorizo or 'lift' buttery mashed potatoes with diced Boudin Noir. Leeks or chicory wrapped with Beech-Smoked Air Dried Ham before being covered with a white Béchamel sauce, cheese and baked in the oven make a delicious supper dish. Side dishes include pan-fried sprouts with diced Wild Boar Pancetta, carrots wrapped in Monmouthshire Air-Dried Beef Bresaola and roasted with dripping and thyme, or buttered cabbage with a pinch of caraway and some crisp diced Hot Smoked Pork Belly or try frying green beans with Spicy N'Duja.


So many of our products work well seasonal fruits. Pan-fried Pancetta and Boudin Noir with apples, cider, leeks and add a dash of double cream for a delicious first course or lunch dish with crusty breadt Try serving our Beef Carpaccio-Style Bresaola with lightly pickled blackberries and roasted beets, or try slices of our Smoked Duck Breast with fig , lightly-pickled red cabbage with honey, walnuts and pomegranate seeds.


Quinoa, Couscous, Bulgar, Buckwheat, Spelt, Amaranth, Barley - all make excellent and nutritious bases for salads, and casseroles. Try our diced Hot-Smoked Bath Chaps made into a rich, meaty stew with seasonal vegetables thickened with Pearl Barley. Perfect for popping in the slow cooker to enjoy after a day out. Our Lamb and Lemon Merguez Salami's flavours blended beautifully with a bowl of well-seasoned couscous for a summer salad and a flavoursome Breton Galette (buckwheat pancake) is always enhanced when stuffed with cheese and a handful of crisp pancetta lardons!

“The best artisan charcuterie in the UK”

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

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