Spicy N’Duja Scramble

Believe if or not, some people think that Boudin Noir is the perfect topping for a pizza. Here’s how you’d prepare it if you want to test it out

Spicy N’Duja (Sobrasada)

One of the simplest and most delicious brunch or light lunch recipes is Spicy N’Duja Scramble.

With its Shakshuka vibes, this dish is on the table in minutes and packs a real flavour punch.

Ingredients, serves 2

4 eggs, lightly beaten

30g Spicy N’Duja

Chopped Parsley

Seasoning to taste


To Serve

Toasted Sourdough or for an extra luxurious touch fry a slice of sourdough in duck fat or light oil until crisp. This is also delicious with sweet potato rosti and a side of wilted spinach, as well as adding a piquant lift to ‘Avo’ toast.


Fry the N’Duja in a pan, breaking it up with a spoon as you go. Once all the oils have been released and the N’Duja is bubbling gently, stir in the eggs and parsley. Over a lowish heat allow the eggs to form soft curds and meld with the N’Duja. When cooked you your liking (and we all have preferences when it comes to scrambled eggs) serve hot with an extra sprinkle of parsley and your choice of accompaniments.