Wild Boar, Pork & Red Wine Salami

Cured, Fermented and Air-Dried Salami made with British wild boar & British free range pork

Classic, Southern European-style salami which highlights the wild boar’s subtly, gamey flavour

Pack Sizes:

1 kg pack of 72g sized salami, 1 kg whole piece, 1 x 72g individual salami (for onward retail sale), 250g sliced pack (for catering), 65g sliced pack (for onward retail sale)

Shelf Life:

Regular 80g Salami and Chorizo: Best Before 8 Weeks, Sliced Packs: Best Before 30 Days, Whole 1Kg Salami and Chorizo: Best Before 12 Weeks


British Charcuterie Awards 2018: Silver


British Wild Boar & Free Range Pork

Similar to:

Salchichon (Spanish) Salami di Cinghiale (Italian)

Drinks Pairing:

Full-Bodied Reds, Aperitifs

Wild Boar, Pork, Salt, Wine flavouring, Dextrose, Spices, Antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, Preservative: sodium nitrite. Made with 140g meat per 100g product.

  • Preparation Info: Ready to Eat
  • Cooking:
  • Can Be Served Hot (ideally served at room temperature)
  • Can Be Served Cold

Serving Suggestions

A flavoursome addition to a pasta sauce or casserole, works well with slow cooked dishes and bold flavours

Calories 330 (1374)
Fat 23
Saturated Fat 9.3
Carbohydrate (of which sugars) 2.2 (1.4)
Protein 28
Salt 4.1
Allergens None