Juniper-Cured Wild Venison Carpaccio

Wild Venison delicately flavoured with juniper

Made with Wild Scottish Venison with a hint of juniper, this moist and delicious ‘carpaccio’ has parallels with the Italian/Swiss Slinzega. All whole-piece weights are approximate.

Pack Sizes:

1 kg whole piece, 250g sliced pack (for catering), 60g sliced pack (for onward retail sale)


British Wild Venison



Similar to:

Slinzega (Italan/Swiss)

Drinks Pairing:

Full-Bodied Reds, Aperitifs, Craft Ale, Gins

Shelf Life:

Sliced Packs: Best Before 30 Days, Whole Pieces: Best Before 8 Weeks

Venison, Salt, Spices (Juniper 0.19%), Dextrose, Antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, Preservative: sodium nitrite. Made with 125g meat per 100g product.

  • Preparation Info: Ready to Eat
  • Cooking:
  • Can Be Served Hot (ideally served at room temperature)
  • Can Be Served Cold

Serving Suggestions

A moist and delicatey fragranced product which is delcious served as part of a seasonal platter with gutsy flavours, berries and nuts, pickled damsons or a creamy remoulade

Calories 129 (539)
Fat 2
Saturated Fat 1
Carbohydrate (of which sugars) 1
Protein 27
Salt 4.7
Allergens None