Salami and Chorizo

We produce a range of sixteen salamis and chorizos. From the classics, like Sweet Smoked Paprika Chorizo and Black Pepper Salami to the more exotic Lamb & Lemon Merguez Salami, and our award-winning Blood, Wine & Chocolate Chorizo

 Originating in southern Europe, Salami, from the Latin word Sale (salt), and its Spanish cousin Chorizo are minced meat products which are cured, fermented and air-dried. Salami encompasses a multitude of flavours, ingredients, and regional variations, whilst Chorizo also varies greatly from village to village, the most famous being both the picante (spicy) and dulce (sweet). The natural fermentation cultures in the drier, warmer, southern European air are re-created in our state-of-the-art production facility, allowing our authentic, artisanal products to be made in the same way, offering true consistency and authenticity.

  • Our products are totally allergen and nitrate free
  • We use no artificial colours or flavourings
  • All our meat is British; free range Pork, Wild Boar and Duck, Wild Venison, Compassion in World Farming approved Rose Veal, PGI Welsh Lamb and British beef.
  • Animal welfare is a high priority and we are uncompromising in the ethics of our meat sourcing
  • We offer bespoke product development and manufacture. Please contact for details
  • We specialise in using traditional breeds such as the Saddleback pig, Welsh black cattle and Welsh Mountain lamb.
  • We have full SALSA accreditation and have always operated with a 5* hygiene rating